Up Coming Events

Services 18th Feb 2018

Services Today

8.30 Holy Communion (p207)

Leader Eira Wykes

Celebrant Mike Lange-Smith

Preacher Mike Lange-Smith

Server Eira Wykes

Readers Jemma Jelley, John Wadman

Eira Wykes

Prayers Eira Wykes

Welcomers Ian Bravery, John Wadman

9.30 Messy Sunday

Grouville Church welcomes you

very warmly to Messy Sunday!

This week

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

10.45am Lent discussion group

Thursday 10.30am Funeral of Shep Mallet

Saturday 12.00pm Lent lunch

Services next Sunday

8.30am Holy Communion

9.30am Holy Communion at St Peter La Rocque

10.30am Holy Communion

Other Events

Cause of the Quarter

Family Nursing & Home Care

You Matter (the new name for “Love Matters”)

Open Doors (supporting the persecuted church)

The Brooke Hospital for Animals

Information on these four will be provided as the year goes by, along with any updates about their activities.

Please consider giving to these causes in addition to your regular Church giving and complete a tax reclaim form for any donation larger than £50.

Pray for……

Val Wood, after having surgery on her hip.

Jill Le Maistre, Helen Oppenheimer, Jane Le Cocq, Berna Fontaine, John Hobbs and Denise Ibbotson.

Suzy Vivian, settling in as Church Administrator.

The establishment of a Toddlers Group.

Margaret Mallet and her family in their bereavement after the death of Shep.

The work of Open Doors (one of our chosen charities for this year)

All persecuted Christians.